Is anyone else sad about going back to school after the winter break?

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I live across the country from my school and I get homesick hard. It’s just my first year and after I was back from the midterm break I was depressed for like 2 weeks. Even though to drop out and reapply back home for next year.

I feel even worse now because a bunch of my relatives drove in from across the state for Christmas and it was so much fun and love I haven’t felt this happy in forever. I just want to go back.

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  1. sudiptoriju

    My first year was the same. But then I got really tight with my new friends and the classes got really interesting so I didn’t even go home for midterm breaks anymore. Just video call your family often to get through this and remember that it gets better!

  2. JustNyyz

    This is very common don’t worry. Just focus on what you are getting out of it as in your degree, your future career, all that

  3. Justindonutgamer

    wish it was like that with my family. my winter breaks have always been dreadful everyone fighting and getting angry with each other over nothing. back on campus is a lot more peaceful and friendly for me

  4. Cloax

    OMG this is ME right now!!! I just want to go back home and drink coffee with my abuelita all day long!!!

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